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Score Your Success

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Client success can be challenging to measure, but it’s a great indicator of your company’s overall health. We wanted to better understand our clients so we developed a Success Scorecard to see what our clients think of our platform, services and the level of communication they receive from our team each day.’s Success Scorecard

The Success Scorecard is an objective tool that measures all facets of the way we serve our clients. It helps us to identify key areas to improve upon in order to deliver a more consistent, streamlined and transparent service. Our scorecard lets us evaluate where we are to see how we can better deliver extraordinary service.

The scorecard includes industry benchmarks in several categories, helping us see how we are performing against the industry standard. This feature makes it an extremely powerful business performance measurement tool. Monthly, the results are published and shared with our client base. How many other billing systems let you know how they are truly performing each month? Transparency is key.

Core Metrics Measured


  • Client Services – public response and resolution times on tickets
  • Development – Roadmap teamäó»s response and resolution times on tickets

Pro Service

  • Client Services – public response time and statement of work creation time
  • Development – Roadmap teamäó»s time to schedule Pro Service and review work before a release

Proactive Communication

  • The number of completed proactive calls each month

Overall Score

  • The sum of scores across all categories

Don’t Take Our Word For It.

Maybe you’re skeptical since the Client Success Scorecard is our own business performance measurement creation. We get it. But don’t take our word for it – hear it straight from our clients who have made the switch to

We’ve been able to send more accurate and timely invoices to our customers. Billing errors have been reduced to practically nothing. They also provide reporting and auditing capabilities that we didnäó»t have access to in the past as well as the ability to automate our A/R and agent commission services. We’ve been able to grow our revenue by 130%and double our customer base since implementing Revio without adding additional headcount or resources to the billing process.CallTower

The migration was seamless and made it very simple to move our data over. Since implementing, our revenue has grown 2500%


We discovered that once you choose a billing platform, you’re married to it. And it’s painful to get a divorce. On invoicing alone, has helped us move from a half-day billing process to a mere fifteen minutes, saving us time, hassle and headaches.


Our clients agree – the Client Success Scorecard is working to enhance day in and day out. Ready to upgrade to a better telecom billing system that listens to you and works hard to continually improve? Contact to take your business to the next level.

The Year for Connecting

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We’re all busy and have our own personal tasks and goals to accomplish. The new year brings us a fresh start and time to step back and re-evaluate where we are going and what we want to accomplish as a team. Most importantly for, we revisit the “why” behind our efforts. For our team, the core idea that we find ourselves revisiting time and time again is the concept of connecting.

We work in the busy world of connected devices every day and want a connected team to drive our business. What might this look like? Departments working together and collaborating more frequently. Clients feeling free to bring any concern to us and confident in our ability to fix it. At an industry level, attending more events and learning more about how we can make integrations and processes easier for our clients.

This year we make a commitment to connection.

At, we have seen the data and realize it’s imperative to set and achieve specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals. Unfortunately, over 80 percent of small business owners haven’t kept up with or set business goals … and this can really hurt their business. Have you created goals for 2016? In the U.S., only 50 percent of employees (management included) strongly agree that they understand what is expected of them in the workplace. Do your employees know the goals of your business? If not, it’s time to call a meeting. When employees know what the company is working toward, you will be more likely to successfully achieve these goals. In fact, if you review your goals and objectives at least once per quarter, you’re 45% more likely to have above-average financial performance. In short, if you want to make more money, setting goals is non-negotiable. In the spirit of transparency, here is a summary of’s company goals for 2016:


We want to grow our team, move offices, increase our knowledge base, connect with more partners to improve our bandwidth and be a better service provider overall for our clients. When a telecom billing platform company grows like we plan to, they need to have a well-educated team, resources and partners to support their expansion. 


Everyone wants to improve their processes to be more effective and efficient. 2016 is the year we focus on automating more of our processes, such as prospecting and content marketing. We will work to expand our testing to make even more improvements, as well as define how we can help each client reach success through our client success playbook.

Extraordinary Service

Successful companies start with customer service that goes above and beyond client expectations. We aim to improve our Client Success Scorecard ratings, customer satisfaction surveys and perform executive business reviews. 2016 brings a new look and feel for as we refresh our brand and website.


When you stop innovating, you stop growing. This year we want to drive innovation in our industry and continue to expand our development standards, automate our testing and implement a single sign-on process. We are also opening a data center on the west coast and will be constructing a diagram of our entire database.


We want you to be able to get started with faster than ever. That’s why we are launching a new website with the goal of reducing implementation time for midsize, strategic, enterprise and commercial accounts by at least 10-20 days. We will be defining quality metrics for installs this year, as well as enhancing our Client Success Scorecard.

Here’s the Nitty-gritty on Our Goals at


  • Implement a Resale Partner Program
  • Relocate to New Office
  • Increase Sales Staff by 3x
  • Implement Learning Management System
  • Create Technical Certification Program
  • Expand our Partners for Development Work
  • Broaden our Prospect Universe


  • Modularize Development for Multi-Release Process
  • Define “On-Hold” Process for Pre-activated Accounts
  • Implement Prospecting Automation for Sales
  • Implement Content Marketing Automation
  • Update Peer Review Process and Timeline
  • Expand Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing Processes
  • Create a Client Success Manager Playbook

Extraordinary Service

  • Introduce Crowdfunded Pro Services
  • Refresh Company Brand
  • Implement Post-Activation Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Achieve Top Ratings on Success Scorecard
  • Conduct Executive Business Reviews with Clients


  • Expand on Development Standards
  • Implement Automated Testing
  • Construct a Database Diagram
  • Open a West Coast Data Center
  • Implement Single Sign-on


  • Increase Module Adoption
  • Launch a Redesigned Website
  • Promote and Enhance Scorecard
  • Reduce Implementation Time for Midsize, Strategic and Enterprise Accounts by 20 Days
  • Develop Commercial Account Automation
  • Reduce Implementation Time for Commercial Accounts by 10 Days
  • Further Define Quality Metrics for Installs

We welcome the new goals, innovation and exciting challenges we know 2016 has in store for us. If you’d like to join us in the adventure, learn more about the culture today! If you’re inspired by our outlook for the year and would like to update your service provider, please let us know. We’re here to help.

Measuring Up: System Stats

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At, we feel it’s important to celebrate our successes. Data can be used to make a company sound impressive, but we want to be completely transparent about what our annual report means and why it’s a great indicator of our success.


uptimeWe’ve maintained a well-oiled machine for 99.9993% of 2015. That’s right – this means less than an hour of downtime for the entire year. This number is, by far, one of the most important measures of success for our team because it means that we are providing our customers with a no-hassle, premium experience.

Application Usage is our most-used application in a typical day with a 57% use rate, followed by our API which is used 37% of the time. Less than 5% of our application usage is accounted for by AgentClick, BillCenter and SignUp. This means our customers are able to use the platform and API with minimal issues. Our highest volume hours are between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, typical business hours.



Page Load Timepage-load-time

Load time for even our slowest page was 0.056 seconds. Not even a full second!Most web pages aim to load in less than 3 seconds. Note that page load times at right are in milliseconds. Our fastest page load time was 0.039 seconds for both our API and BillCenter. Talk about instant satisfaction!


outputOver 21 billion usage detail records have been processed to date. This means you can sleep well at night knowing has your monitoring software and billing solutions covered. Over 66 million invoices have been created through We can also automate your invoicing process so you can get paid quicker.

As you can see, our monitoring software and billing systems are performing just like itself – fast and effectively. Ready to work with a team who knows their stuff and has the numbers to back it up? If so, contact to get started on our path to success!

Quality, Quantity & Quickness: The Way

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How does your billing system work?

Here at, we believe transparency is key. We want you to understand our process and see how the engine works. Gain more insight into’s operational transparency below.

Our operations team thrives on three words: quality, quantity and quickness.


An astonishing 76% of clients see customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. Consumers also have up to 60% higher expectations for customer service now than they did just one year ago. It’s easy to see that providing excellent service and continuing to improve how you treat your customers is an integral part of your business. We have taken this to heart, ensuring that quality customer service is available in every part of our process.

In 2015, our team redefined the typical phases of the implementation process and developed Go. Go introduces our customers to the platform and enhances the onboarding experience. When you understand your billing system from the beginning, you’re more likely to succeed.


As a company grows, so do its customers’ needs. At, we activated 22 new clients in 2015, a 29% increase over the previous year. With our growing company, we want to be sure we can handle all of our clients’ needs, so we’ve formed relationships with outside partners to increase our bandwidth for extremely high volume periods.


Your time is valuable. Did you know 77% of US online adults say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service? When a company realizes the value of time to its customers, it will do everything it can to reduce the time it takes to onboard and respond to clients. 

Meet Go.

Introduced in 2015, Go was created out of a desire to embody the three core values above in a seamless, client-friendly onboarding platform. See the full Go process below:


As you can see, there are many steps involved in implementation for both our internal team as well as our client. We like to monitor our progress through the following phases to make sure we are on track for a successful, thorough setup.


We pride ourselves on being a transparent billing system. Do you know the ins and outs of your billing system? If you would like to have a partner who’s open and honest, we’d love talk. Our onboarding process is extensive, but if you ever have any questions, we are happy to walk you through it. Contact and get the partner your business deserves.

How Does Platform Enablement Help IT Solutions?

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First, What’s Platform Enablement?

Think of platform enablement as a bridge between clients and The goal for great platform enablement strategy is to align client needs with the platform’s solutions. Then we are equipped with the knowledge to shape where the product is headed and more effectively train clients and employees. Using an application enablement platform also helps our internal teams work better together.platform-enablement

Team-Wide Platform Enablement

As you can see from this diagram, all teams at have a role to play in platform enablement and helping our clients succeed. Let’s start with how approaches platform enablement as a whole and then focus on each department specifically.

Company Wide

We use extensive product and new hire training sessions to equip team members with a vast knowledge of the platform and all available integrated IT solutions. All new employees must be enrolled in the Academy, which is a two-day interactive training session incorporating instructional and hands-on learning opportunities. We even offer an ever-expanding public video library to explore our features and best practices. Each week, we provide internal sessions for in-depth product knowledge. Monthly, we host training webinars for all clients and team members to learn more about modules and features of Finally, use cases and help center articles are readily available to provide our team with real-life examples of how to use in different scenarios. Bottom line? When you chat with, you are chatting with experts.


Real-life use cases give us the background we need to know where customers might run into problems or get confused when navigating our platform. Our client needs document lets us keep track of what improvements our users would like to see. Without these insights, our team wouldn’t be able to exceed your expectations and make the improvements you want and need.

Client Success

Our client success team uses solutions analysis to see where we can provide additional value to customers by showing them how to maximize their use of all the different features and functionality has to offer.


Onboarding and boot camp sessions are developed by our operations team. Boot camps are hyper-focused sessions that deep-dive into the configuration and setup process for each client at When our team has a comprehensive understanding of every facet of, we can make our engine run better and in turn, deliver integrated IT solutions to you.


We’ve all been through a sales demo before. At, we understand that effective sales professionals know their product inside out before they ever demo for a client. For that reason, we make sure each member of our sales team is an platform expert and can validate that the platform is running properly.


The marketing team provides industry research and insights that help make sure our platform surpasses the competition and that we are continually exceeding our customers’ expectations for back-office solutions.

Why Does It Matter To Our Clients?

IT solutions can be extremely difficult to navigate. When we equip our team with the right tools and techniques for aligning client needs with platform solutions it yields powerful results. We can create the best product possible when we better understand:

  • What you are looking for in a product
  • Why you left your last IT solutions company
  • What your frustrations are
  • What features need to be fixed
  • What would help you improve your business processes

You get the picture. Now you can see why we need your feedback! Ready to talk with a member of to see how our telecom billing platform can make your IT solutions experience better? Contact today. We’re ready to help.


Transparency: Making Successful Each & Every Day

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Transparency can make or break a company in today’s market. We like to think of transparency as our secret weapon. We are fans of an open door policy and want you to know what we are working on next. Learn how has created a culture of organizational transparency.

In both our internal and external processes, we ingrain transparency into each and every step. Our employees, clients, prospects, and partners want to know and understand our business process, what we are planning for the future, what our culture is like essentially, why In order to stand out from the pack, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide clarity and transparency in everything we do – this is our fundamental commitment to you.

Our Clients Matter.

Our clients are an extension of our team because they provide invaluable insights that make the best possible. These insights help our team deliver quality results and provide consistent customer service that allows us to exceed our goals and achieve our company mission.

Without client feedback, we wouldn’t be able to make the necessary improvements to keep our products on the cutting edge. In 2015, we released 70 Ideas as a response to user requests to improve the platform. Prior to the release of each and every update, our clients are notified with a change alert. No surprises, complete transparency.

Our Sales and Marketing departments also embody our value of transparency (we know it’s a breath of fresh air). We’ll even share our sales training and processes with you so you can improve your own sales methods – you need only ask! When you start working with, we will walk you through the implementation phases before any execution of the agreement so you know up front how everything will work.

Have you been to the Summit? Every year we treat our clients to an event where they get an inside look at our people, processes, technology and initiatives. Once you are a client, you’ll also get an Executive Newsletter showcasing other notable clients, employees, and recent updates. Our Help Center is available for prospects and clients alike to access learning resources on demand.

We use too. When you eat the cookies you bake, you get to see what’s flawed and what’s amazing first hand. Utilizing both internal and external perspectives, we continually gain insight into how our telecom billing platform works and what needs to be improved in order to make it even better.

Great Employees Make a Great Company.

Over 85% of employees are unhappy with the quality of workplace communication. In addition, 81% would rather join a company that values “open communication” than one that offers extra office perks like free meals and gym memberships. The today’s workforce, it’s becoming more and more common to have open communication policies where managers empower their employees.

Here at, we value a culture of transparency and community. Our team kicked off 2015 asking each employee to share ideas on how to better connect our values with what we do every day. We created an online Trello board that housed these ideas and moved them around as task were accomplished.

2015 also saw the introduction of our program “Ask Me Anything (AMA).” All questions are answered by our Chief Technology Officer and the Roadmap Team, enabling the entire company to explore new ideas, tackle challenges and provide insights into developing new solutions.

Even our training process involves transparency. All new employees start with Academy, which is a two-day interactive training session incorporating instruction and hands-on learning experiences. Each week, we host continuing education sessions to provide in-depth product knowledge. Monthly, our team can attend training webinars to learn more about all the modules and features in Whenever an employee has questions or needs to dive deeper into our platforms, they can turn to our continually expanding video library to explore features and best practices (it’s available to the public too!). We even have a boot camp to train employees through hyper-focused sessions on deep-dive configurations and implementations with’s clients. When in doubt, our team can turn to real-life Use Cases of how to best utilize in different scenarios.

Our team has been recognized on a regional and national level for our culture and quality work environment. We are extremely proud of our focus on creating a culture of organizational transparency and believe that this open and trusting work environment is reflected in our open and trusting relationships with our clients.

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