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What makes enterprise customers happy?

If you are managing multi-location customers, you know the above is a million dollar question. The answer, in our opinion, is enhancing users’ experience through a seamless system. That’s why we developed’s Enterprise Portal, making it easier than ever to provide enterprise customers with an optimal user experience.

The needs of a multi-location customer are vastly different than smaller customers, and our telecom billing management portal can be customized to fit unique goals. With around-the-clock visibility into all account details, you’ll empower enterprise customers to take control of their own accounts while providing total clarity and transparency with our UCaaS solution. Your customers will love the self-service capabilities for requesting new orders, creating reports, and adding new locations.

You’ll enjoy the power to manage relationship hierarchies (whether it’s parent-to-child or cousin-to-cousin) while leveraging usage reporting, request for new orders, and support tickets. Your one portal away from providing your complex customers with an optimal user experience. You can read more about’s Enterprise Portal here.

“ has helped us grow tremendously. Since implementing the Enterprise Customer Portal, our revenues have nearly doubled – truly helping us crack the enterprise space.”

– Ross, President and CEO of Spectrotel

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The One Major Gap in the IoT Data Ecosystem

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IoT Data = Infinite Potential for Service Providers

It’s no longer a secret – the Internet of Things (what many are calling the next Industrial Revolution) has made its debut and the world is starting to get a glimpse of its infinite potential. One group that has certainly taken notice – the global business community – and for good reason.

With the potential to generate about $19 trillion in value over the next few years, it’s becoming clear that IoT data represents the future of opportunity for service providers rather than a passing trend. Companies both big and small are entering the IoT ecosystem, eager to win a piece of the pie. In fact, a study commissioned by Oxford Economics shows that revenue growth is by far the biggest factor driving IoT adoption.

But, as is the case with most revolutionary opportunities, there is a catch.

Let’s say you’re building the next big thing in IoT. You have an idea, a team and a product that you believe in. Here’s the million dollar question – how do you plan to monetize the solution? Even further, how will you leverage IoT data to bill customers for the services provided? The possibility and potential of IoT is everywhere. But we’ve noticed a major gap in the IoT ecosystem – a way to translate this slew of IoT data into cold hard revenue.

This gap isn’t slowing down IoT adoption. According to a recent survey of business leaders around the globe, 96% said their companies would be using IoT in some way within the next 3 years and 68% are already investing budgets into IoT. Yet, 70% of organizations are not generating service revenues from their IoT solutions and through 2018, 80% of IoT implementations will fail to monetize IoT data.

The lesson learned? IoT technology is exciting and has incredible implications for service providers, but the ability to monetize and bill for these solutions is critical and shouldn’t be overlooked.

“In short, the vast majority of the data being generated by connected devices remains undervalued and unmonetized.”

– Roman Stanek, Founder & CEO of GoodData

IoT solutions will give consumers more control over products and services like never before and, in turn, open new doors for service providers looking to locate new streams of revenue. But know that if you place “monetizing the solution” at the end of your IoT to-do list – you’re in trouble.

When you’re building IoT offerings, the last thing you need to be worrying about is IoT billing infrastructure. So that is why we built out an ebook dedicated to helping businesses not just navigate this uncharted territory, but master it.
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Have questions about what you read – or want to just hop on the phone instead of reading more? Contact our team anytime – we would love to be a sounding board to help you be a head of the pack when it comes to IoT.

KORE & Empowering Service Providers to Monetize IoT

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It’s the 20th anniversary of Channel Partners Conference & Expo, a 3-day event where over 5,000 partners, suppliers, exhibitors and industry-leading speakers from the technology services industry converge, and has exciting news to share.

We are constantly seeking strategic partnership opportunities to help our clients stay ahead of the competition, and we are pleased to announce our partnership with KORE, the people powering IoT innovations and opportunities. The goal? To help deliver scalable subscription billing and device management to the IoT and M2M market.

Together with KORE’s reliable network and’s back-end billing solution, technology providers have the opportunity to monetize and dominate the IoT landscape. This partnership helps take the guesswork out of monetizing your IoT solutions with our complete quote-to-cash service.

If you’re a solution provider looking for a way to participate in monetization in the IoT and M2M market, while increasing time-to-market, consider this your perfect option.

“We’re always looking to facilitate growth and support innovation for our clients. This partnership with KORE allows our clients to have the ultimate user experience, while growing their business, with the security of knowing they will never lose out on connectivity during an outage or crisis.”

Brent Maropis, CEO at

Want to know more about this exciting, new partnership? Read the story. Or, come see & KORE at Channel Partners Conference & Expo April 10-13, 2017.

Introducing’s Newest Team Members

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“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

– Jeff Bezos, CEO at

We recognize that life and business is all about give and take. As we continue to push ourselves to deliver the best back-office billing software in the world, we’ve noticed a beautiful trend starting to take shape. The more we empower our customers to reach and surpass their goals, the more customers we acquire. To keep up with this growing client roster, we’ve grown our team substantially this year.

We wanted to introduce some of our newest team members to you:


Adrian Simonis, Software Engineer



Tara Hazle, Development Project Manager


Selma Dzaferovic, Implementation Project Manager


How did you find out about the job opening at
“Geneva reached out to me on LinkedIn regarding the open PM position – we had worked together previously in Atlanta.”

What was your first impression of after you first interview?
“That this was a rewarding company to work for. The ACT TOP values covered in the interview as well as speaking with Geneva and Petty helped me see that the company not only stands by their values, but actively strives to cultivate a culture that is beneficial for both employees and clients.

How do you like working here so far?
“I truly enjoy working here. Or, as I like to say, I am one of the few lucky people who wake up in the morning and look forward to coming into work! The team here works hard, but also plays hard. They have been so supportive during the ramp-up period. Even during our busiest times, everyone tries to help and looks out for one another.”

Any final thoughts, comments, stories you would like to add?
“When you are a part of, whether you are a client or an employee, you are truly part of a family. You can feel that support everywhere.”

Jonathan Williams, IT Billing and Migration Engineer


How did you find out about the job opening at
“I worked with a couple of recruitment agents to look for opportunities in Metro Atlanta. It was my first time looking for employment in the US.”

What was your first impression of after you first interview?
“Everyone I met from the moment I walked into the office for interview were very welcoming. I got the sense of a team wanting to deliver a quality product and service to their clients while also supporting each other.”

How do you like working here so far?
“It’s my first experience working for a small business. It’s great to see how all the different job roles and functions interact and support delivery. I feel there’s a real opportunity to make a difference. There’s lots of opportunities to learn and to be actively involved in the company’s evolution.”

Any final thoughts, comments, stories you would like to add?
“So far, every day brings fresh challenges and something new to get involved with, which makes it an exciting place to be.”


Katie Evans, Account Manager


Will Steiner, Account Manager


Dong Yan, Software Support Engineer


Itsoya Abebe, Software Support Engineer



Nadia Rahman, Marketing Intern


Brendan Thomas, Sales Development Representative


Matt Querze, Senior Sales Account Executive


John Lung’aho, Sales Development Representative

How did you find out about the job opening at

“A recruiter on LinkedIn contacted me about the opening.”

What was your first impression of after you first interview?
“The office culture was the first thing that stood out to me. I left the interview feeling comfortable about working at”

How do you like working here so far?
“I love it. When it is time to work hard we work hard, and when it is time to have fun we have fun. I think we have found the healthy balance of work and play at The Sales and Marketing team is great. I think we work well together. Evan, Ryan, Nathan, and Olivia have been very helpful to me.”

Any final thoughts, comments, stories you would like to add?
“Just happy for the opportunity I have to work at a fast-growing company.”

Want to learn more about who we are or what we do? We are here to help you grow. Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions.

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